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September Newsletter

Sorry that the September newsletter is so late, we've been much busier than expected.

We had hoped that two months after opening we might have about two to three hundred registered clients, but at the latest count, we had almost five hundred and fifty, which is amazing. Thanks to all of you for registering and for spreading the message about our practice.

I had a surprise last week, one of our hens who had gone missing for a few weeks, reappeared with fourteen baby chicks. It was a bit of shock, albeit a cute one, and I've no idea what we are going to do with them all. So, if anyone would like some feathered pets do get in touch!

In other news, we've bought a couple of new bits of equipment to improve our range of services. We now have a full orthopaedic kit, including a drill, saw, plates and screws so we can repair any fractures that might come in. Though we will still refer the most complicated cases to specialists where necessary. We have also brought a diathermy machine which enables us to electrically cauterise blood vessels during surgery and use it as an electronic scalpel.

We've had some exciting cases as well, like Martha the rat. She had a huge tumour almost the same size as her body which we managed to remove successfully, much to the delight of her owner (who'd only recently acquired her with the lump already huge) who was worried Martha might need to be put to sleep.

Yesterday Somtam, Kelly and I visited Birchwood Primary School to give a talk to the reception year about veterinary work. Somtam had her microchip scanned about sixty times and I put bandages on lots of kids' arms!

We've also met up with Animals At Home North Warwickshire, which is a pet transport, dog walking and behaviour company. Whilst we do offer home visits in our own vehicle during certain hours, Animals At Home can provide transport 24/7, so if we are busy at the surgery and you need to get your pet here or to our out-of-hours provider, they may be able to help on 0330 133 1198.

You might notice some new faces in the practice. We have Kelly and Jules at the front desk. Kelly has experience working at Amicus vets in Solihull and lives in Wood End, Jules, from Baddesley, is a newcomer to veterinary work but quickly becoming invaluable. We also have Lucy from Baxterley who has joined us as an animal care assistant four days a week. Finally, Charlotte is here on Wednesday afternoons and some Saturday mornings. She's a student at Polesworth School and has ambitions of making a career in the industry.

We are fast approaching November, and that means fireworks. If your pets get scared or stressed at this time, please get in touch well in advance. We have many different means of helping them get through this difficult time, from plug-ins, collars and supplements (which you can buy without an appointment) right through to prescription medications in the form of oral gels or tablets (which will require a veterinary exam and chat). Please also make sure your pet's microchip details are up to date because firework season is a common time for pets to run away when startled.

Thanks again for all your support, we look forward to meeting more local pets as we continue to grow.

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