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Privacy Policy

Wilson’s Veterinary Practice Privacy Policy


Trust is a vital part of our relationship with our customers. You trust Wilson’s Veterinary Practice to provide your pet with the best possible care and this Privacy Policy explains why you can also trust us to protect your information. 

what DATA do we collect?


Wilson’s Veterinary Practice will collect and store the following information:

  • Your name, address and contact details.

  • Records about billing and payment.

  • Any correspondence you’ve had with the practice including:

    • Records of face-to-face conversations with staff.

    • Records of email communication with the practice.

    • Records of telephone calls with the practice.

  • Information about how you navigate and use our website.



Wilson’s Veterinary Practice offers a wide range of services to ensure that your pet has access to the most sophisticated healthcare treatments available and we want you to understand the types of information that we collect as you use these services.


When you register with our Practice, we collect your contact information (including name, address, email and telephone numbers) and use it to keep in touch with you. If you are a licensed breeder then we will also collect and store your Breeder License number.


As our relationship with you and your pet develops, we may ask for some of your health details if this is relevant to your pet’s veterinary care (for example, if you are likely to require frequent home visits by a member of our staff due to difficulties leaving the house).


Our website contains useful information and tips about caring for your pets and it is used by clients and many other pet owners who aren’t yet registered with Wilson’s Veterinary Practice We do collect information about the way you use our website and some information about how visitors are connecting to the site; this includes the operating systems and browser that is used to view the site and the IP address you are connecting from (i.e. your location).


We may customise our website’s performance based on how you have used or navigated the website previously; this means that you may be shown information we think is particularly relevant or interesting to you. Our website works best when we can use cookies to help us understand the way that you use it. More information regarding our use of cookies is available on our website at  



The information that we collect allows us to inform you about the services that are relevant to you and to provide you with important health information about your pet. It also helps us improve as a practice, as we can monitor the quality and effectiveness of the services offered to you.


If you have given us permission, we will also use the information we hold about you to tell you about products and services that we think might be of interest to you.


We sometimes run events, fairs, or even host school visits in our practices. This sometimes entails the production of photographic, video or audio material. If this media contains images of you, we will only make use of it if we have obtained and recorded your consent. Should any media contain images of children, we will only use it with the consent of the child's parent or guardian.


We may also use CCTV and phone call recording in our practice for training and monitoring purposes. If we do so, there will always be a notice board or a voice message prior to us answering your call to let you know what we are doing. Please refer to our Call Recording Policy below for further information.

Your privacy controls


It is important that you are comfortable with the way that we are using your data; you can tell us at any time if you’d like to make any changes to this.


You have the right to:

  • Withdraw consent to the processing of your data.

  • Access the data.

  • Rectify or delete any data that we hold.

  • Data portability.

  • Restrict the processing of your data.


Please speak to a member of staff if you wish to discuss the data we hold on file for you and the access rights to this information.

Should you still not be satisfied after speaking to a member of our team, you are entitled to discuss the matter with a supervisory authority or lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). 

Sharing your data

Wilson’s Veterinary Practice will not share your information with other companies, individuals or organisations unless:

  • It is necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of your pet (e.g. referral companies or laboratories).

  • It is part of a service that you’ve asked us to provide such as a health plan, financing or submitting insurance claims.

  • You have given us consent to do so.

  • We have an identified legitimate interest to do so.

  • We are legally required to do so.


In some very specific situations, we may transfer some of your data abroad. If we do transfer any of your data outside of the European Union, we will make sure that it is kept secure. We hold the companies we work with to the EU contract clauses standards.


Keeping your DATA secure


We know how important your privacy and the security of your personal information are to you and we have taken every reasonable effort to make sure that it is safe with us. We comply with all relevant legislation and we meet the standards set by the RCVS.


We use technologies including encryption, pseudonymisation and anonymization to keep your data safe and secure.


Our data retention policies are set up to ensure that we do not keep your data for longer than is absolutely necessary. We will hold all necessary data throughout the duration of your registration with us. If you cease to be registered with us, your data will continue to be held on file for a further 12 months, at which point it will then be deleted from our systems.


Wilson’s Veterinary Practice stores its data on servers located in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.


Talking to us about your data


You can ask to access, modify or delete your data held by Wilson’s Veterinary Practice and you can also ask us any question regarding the data that we store about you. 


For all data enquiries, please speak to a member of staff in practice, or email us at


Alternatively, you can send us your enquiry by post:


Wilson’s Veterinary Practice,

Unit B, Coop Local Store,

Whitehouse Road,


B78 1QE


Wilson’s Veterinary Practice operates under the trading name Alistair Wilson t/a Wilson’s Veterinary Practice.


This Privacy Notice was last updated on 07/05/2022

  • Phone call recording: We record telephone calls at our surgeries for – including but not limited to – safety and security, monitoring, training and regulatory purposes. The lawful basis for this is a legitimate interest and recordings are destroyed after 30 days unless specifically kept as a result of an incident. The recordings are encrypted and password protected and no bank details are recorded during conversations.

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