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Building Wilson's Veterinary Practice

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Thanks for your interest in Wilson's Veterinary Practice. I hope you enjoy the website, it's a work in progress, just like the practice, but I wanted friends, family and potential clients to be able to share the journey.

Dog and computer
Somtam, my dog, helping me with the I.T.

I started planning the practice way back in late 2020, and the perfect venue appeared in Spring 2021. I'd looked at the new B5000 industrial estate by the Kart track, and a couple of other places which didn't quite hit the spot. When the former Cuckoo's Rest site in Dordon became available, its location right next to a busy Coop Local in Dordon was exactly what I'd been looking for. I've been saying for years that Dordon and Polesworth needed their own vets, and this was just the opportunity.

It's taken nearly a year to put the plan together and with building work only now just about to get underway, it's been a long, at times frustrating journey.

3-d Plan of Wilson's Veterinary Practice
3-D Plans

I've had hold ups with the lease, hold ups with planning, and lately even hold ups because of Putin's exploits in Ukraine (the electricity companies weren't taking on new commercial energy contracts), but we are finally looking at a Summer 2022 grand opening.

So many people have played a part; Parents, family, friends and colleagues. Not to mention my long suffering wife and daughter (seen here with Somtam, our dog, and Ross, one of our six bunnies).

Daughter and pets

Many of my vet friends have helped me with getting equipment, planning the nuances of a vet practice and general encouragement in the times when I'd thought about giving up.

I grew up round here and It's important to me that Dordon, Polesworth and the Tamworth area has independent, small-business style vet practices that offer a friendly face in the traditional style. Sadly, almost all of the practices in the area are now owned by huge, multi-million pound corporations and whilst that means they might be able to buy medicines and equipment much cheaper than I will, they also have huge overheads such as accountancy and HR departments, advertising executives and corporate investors all of whom demand a share of your hard earned pet healthcare budget.

Wilson's Veterinary Practice Dordon
Mock up of the frontage

Pet owners and former clients of mine consistently say that the price of vet care rises dramatically when the corporate vet companies take over, not to mention the fact that customer service levels and friendliness both diminish. The personal touch is lost and any effort to resolve customer concerns gets lost in a long and confusing chain of command.

Wilson's Veterinary Practice Dordon
Empty Shell!

I'm determined to offer the traditional, family approach with consistency of care, familiar, friendly faces and reasonable prices with a small, local team. I will be 'head office'! You and your pets will always feel reassuringly welcome and whilst we wouldn't dare promise to get things right 100% of the time, if you have any concerns or questions, 'head office' will always be open-minded and accessible making sure you have full confidence in your pets' care.

Wilson's Veterinary Practice
The Uniforms have Arrived!!

If Wilson's Veterinary Practice sounds like the kind of practice your pets are looking for, then I'd invite you to fill in the form on the homepage so that I can keep you updated with our practice progress and let you know what date we will be opening!

Best wishes,


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