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Out of Hours Care

When I planned Wilson's Veterinary Practice it was my intention to offer round-the-clock availability, a service badly lacking in Tamworth. 

Unfortunately, North Warwickshire Council would not allow planning permission for us to open the practice outside of the hours of the Coop next door.


This means I can look after your pets in an emergency from 7 am until 9 pm, but outside of these times, your call will be transferred to                                            in Castle Donnington, where there are highly skilled vets and vet nurses on-call through the night to offer superb care to your pets and then refer you back to us the next day. If you aren't sure whether you need                                 we have arranged for you to have free access to the fantastic team at                      who can give you vet advice 24/7 via your mobile phone.

I know this isn't ideal, and I hope to be able to ask the council to conduct a noise review once we have been open a while so we can try and offer the round-the-clock vet care that Tamworth deserves.

Providing the every best around the clock care.png

Our out-of-hours emergency service is MiNightVet Castle Donnington who will provide you with an excellent professional service. MiNightVet
will be located at Dovecote Veterinary Hospital.
Dovecote Veterinary Hospital
5 Delven Lane,
Castle Donnington,
DE74 2LJ
Telephone: 01332 819940

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