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Charity Collection Jar

We have decided to have a charity collection jar on our front desk into which we would invite our customers to put their loose change or any other cash they would like to donate. 

Times are tough, and none of us knows what's around the corner. Here at Wilson's Veterinary Practice, we have created a charity fund and invite our customers to donate if they can afford to. This fund will be used to help pet owners who visit us who may have fallen on hard times and have a pet in desperate need.

We are not asking our clients to pay for these cases in full. Those cases which we decide to help using this fund will have the customer donation amount matched pound for pound by the practice. So for every £1 used from the collection, we will discount the cost of treatment by a further £1.

Customers whom we decide to help in this way may not wish to have their identity shared, but if they do, then we will. If not, then should any contributor wish to audit the use of these funds, then we will allow them to view the benefactor's account, with their consent, after the signing of a confidentiality agreement.

The selection of deserving cases will be entirely at the management's discretion, and no negotiation will be entered into. We will always try to select cases where we feel a pet owner has done all they can to provide the best care for their pets but whose circumstances have meant that their pet's welfare has been affected by financial circumstances beyond their immediate control.

We will not use this fund for strays or wildlife, who's basic welfare needs we, and all veterinary practices, are obliged to meet regardless of lack of funds or custodian. 

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